The Team
Behind It All

The Team
Behind It All

We’re a group of fast moving marketers with a strong understanding of conversion focused design.

We choose to focus on just a few clients at a time. This way, we can dedicate the resources
it takes to thoroughly understand and grow them to their fullest potential.

We help educate, fuel, and build long lasting relationships with the clients we work with.

Oh, and we have a ton of fun too.

Marketing Director

Rocky heads the internal marketing for UglyBadger. He keeps the site updated and handles our marketing campaigns.

Rocky also delegates branding campaigns and keeps tabs on our social media presence.

P.S. He thinks his jokes are funny and we keep letting him think they are.

Operations Director

Rob is a character. He likes to work 12 hours a day until we make him go home (where he works more).

Rob is also a fantastic photographer and videographer and creates amazing works. He has shot commercials for some big brands! While his true passion is creating music and he can be seen at local events around Michigan.

Communications Director

Mike is our Dungeon Master – He makes sure everything runs smoothly and schedules our workflow. He's extremely good at keeping us on track

When Mike isn't on the phone talking to clients or knee deep in Google sheets he's reaching out to local business associations and keeping in touch with the community.

Sales Team Manager

Ashlee Rheaume

Ashlee is an absolute monster at organization. She heads our outbound sales team and makes sure everybody has exactly what they need to succeed.

When she comes into work she gets everybody motivated and brings the energy to the office. But lookout because she can be tough as nails!

Team Mascot

Frank The Badger

Frank isn’t real. But the thought of having a badger in the office has been stirring. Are badgers dangerous? I’m not sure if the insurance agency would be comfortable with us having a vicious animal on staff.

Let us know what you think, we really want to bring on a Frank…

Web Developer

Andrew Rheaume

Andrew is a wizard at backend development and was built to solve problems. Therefor, we make sure to keep him busy with all the problems he can handle...

He’s also getting married on Mars so be sure to email him and congratulate him!